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About Wobble Kidzo

‘Kids now there’s no stopping you, do whatever you feel like’. To parents; just let them be kids, watch them and remember your childhood.

Wobble kidzo is a delightful place if you are a kid and a reliever if you are a parent. Wobble kidzo is a summation of sports, fun and logic oriented activities for your little one. It is an exotic Car theme based fun zone that designs an unrestricted play area for your toddlers, which enables their social, creative and physical enhancement apart from unending fun. Here you will realise the divine emotion of watching your kid play without any inhibition. Let them run, jump, skid, roll, paddle.Life here comes alive with zeal and children play as much as they feel where strength and stamina are their wardens, this is how we describe the wobble.

Hey kids now fasten your seat belts, ignite your engines and go WROOOM WROOM Play.Its best suited and designed for kids between 6 months to 10 years age group. Wobble kidzo has multiple designated areas as per your child’s penchant and nature. If your kids want to bounce around in our ball pit, hop on our trampoline, wants to run, jump, slide, crawl or get indulged in the world of soft toys or books Wobble Kidzo has it all... Read More

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